Misfortune + Heartbreak :: Walk in Your Shoes

In the haze of heartbreak and in the midst of misfortune, let yourself mourn yesterday, breathe today, and become stronger as the days follow. Or, buy yourself some new shoes.

I have several friends, as of recently, who are going through breakups, dealing with sicknesses, and have had death shake their very being. I have been there, and I think we all effortlessly wish we were walking in a different pair of soles. And sometimes, we wear slippers and choose to hibernate. I am here to tell you, the world is not trying to break you; it is challenging you. It is challenging you to be content with the reality that life is not always perfect. To be content and find strength in your own progressive motion of moving onward, regardless of pain. To not blame but to focus on the experience.

At what point, do we stop blaming the dirt beneath our feet and start giving credit to an all knowing Heavenly Father. He washed the feet of others for good reason. He knows your walk, your pain, your heartache, and it is when we decide to walk in our own shoes and have Him wash our feet, that we find clarity in our journey. Regardless of the shoes we are wearing, the footprint we leave behind is what growth is made of. When we set our sights on forgetting rather than healing, or spend more time wishing to have a different life as opposed to accepting the fullness of our own, it is inevitable that one will become drained and depleted, rather than healed and well-rounded.

When we turn our misfortune into a positive, knowing there is a plan for our life, imagine the immense joy we could potentially be experiencing. And, sometimes, we have to wait. If you find yourself in the realm of waiting and loneliness ensues, find yourself. Put one foot in front of the other, be selfish, be motivated, be confident that God has a plan and it is more than a different pair of shoes. It takes time to heal from pain, but more than that, it takes courage. Courage to choose your life, regardless of heartbreak and misfortune. Give yourself time to heal, don’t ignore the painful parts of your journey, let God wash your feet, and PRAY. We can’t change the past or the footprints we have already impressed on this Earth, but we can turn around realizing how far we have come and continue on the journey that He has laid out for us. If you are consumed with heartache, keep walking, your own shoes will carry you.

Speaking of shoes…

I got all of these beauties on an incredible sale! I will always choose to walk in my own shoes when they are this beautiful. Just remember, when life throws you misfortune and heartbreak: mourn, breathe, heal.


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