Read + Drink :: The Best of Book Club

“The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.” – David Bailey


I have officially concluded my first year leading a book club and I can’t articulate the feelings that were experienced. But if I tried, it would be joy, growth, and calm {even in a room filled with loquacious ladies}. Reading is essential to a well-rounded livelihood and I say this as a person who doesn’t love to read. I am aware of the importance, therefore, it made sense to make my surroundings match my personal livelihood when it came to reading. Herein lies the reason I started a book club; read, greet, meet, drink, and be merry.

I wanted to challenge myself to read more but I knew that I could not complete this mission on my own, and if I tried, more bottles of wine would be consumed versus pages read in a novel. So I challenged a group of ladies, who also wanted to expound on the consequences of reading, to a one year perusal challenge; and, we also consumed several bottles of wine. I would encourage everyone to find a book club to be a part of, and if you can’t find one…create one. Here are my tips to creating a book club:

  • Post your idea on social media and make it public. I have made new friends that have become my novel family by going outside of my comfort zone and nixing the idea that everyone needed to be on my “friends-list”. This will create a well-rounded group, with a difference of opinions, careers, and life goals. You will learn from one another, and you will experience growth. *Limit your group to no more than 15
  • Find an agreeable space to gather and a day of the month that stays consistent. We started out in my clothing boutique and when I closed shop, we moved to a quaint and local wine bistro, and for our Christmas party, a member opened up her home. It doesn’t matter where you gather, but you do have to “set the mood”. You want the group, as a whole, to be invited in, feel welcomed, and comfortable enough to discuss, communicate, and laugh.
  • You have a group and you have decided on a space, now create a group page on Facebook (this is the easiest way to communicate with all members). There are appreciable group tools to post ideas, create polls, and set up events. I started out by narrowing down a few books of interest and made a poll so everyone could be involved in selecting the first book; we continued to do it this way, month after month. Choose books that challenge your group and include dissimilar lengths and genres. Reese W. and Oprah, both respectively, have great “must read book lists”.
  • For the love of all that is holy, it is important to have edibles and thirst quenchers. I prefer small appetizers and wine, but if you are more keen to chips with dip and PBR’s, power to you. Sustenance is important to every book club; it is the reward for reading the book from start to finish.
  • Read, greet, meet, drink, and be merry. I have covered the main necessities but it goes without being said, always leave your book club open; newbies will venture your way when they find out your book club is amazing and substantial to life.

I have completed the one year challenge. Can you?

And lastly, on the subject of books, I wanted to share my most favored places to read and must have drink, besides wine, to indulge in while reading. My absolute serenity while enjoying a novel is my front porch. The fresh air, the delightful sounds, and the overall calmness makes reading easy. When it is too cold, you can find me on my office couch, where the sun shines in through the window during the afternoon. Where do you read?

My drink, recipe included: French Vanilla Amaretto ‘Donut Shop’ Coffee

  • 8 oz. Donut Shop Coffee – Keurig
  • 1 tbs. French Vanilla Cream
  • 1-2 tbs. Amaretto

I hope that you find a book club to join, and that it has been as rewarding as mine! If you are in a book club or you are starting one… I would love to know your experience!


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