Hope + Plants :: Finding Your Green Thumb

Like plants, talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and though I would like to pretend I can keep plants alive, I am constantly drawn to pretty fake ones that don’t require nurturing. With that being said, I want to learn; I want to find my slightly lime green thumb to confirm, to myself, that I am capable of keeping something other than my child alive. Or chives, they lasted a month or so.

Let me introduce you to a very dear friend, Hope. When I asked her to do a guest post on plants, she was hesitant and nervous. I was humbled when she said she would try and when she emailed me the final product, I was filled with gratitude and blown away by her talent, not only in plants, but in her ability to give life to her words similar to the way she gives life to her plants. Please enjoy, please share, please love.

Hi, my name is Hope, and I’m a proud plant mom.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always had an affinity for nature. Nature is a true beast. It’s beautiful, creative, and resourceful. Every detail has a purpose and is overwhelmed with the brilliance of the Lord. Maybe I’m in love with it because it shows all of the values I hope to see in myself. Maybe I’m in love with it because it’s just one more way that I’m allowed to be maternal. No matter what the reason, nature gives me hope. So, here I am, proud plant mom – with a little post of the basics that will hopefully inspire you to be a proud plant parent, too.

All thumbs are green! Don’t be scared to try! I am not a professional and not all of my plants make it, but that is the great thing about them. They are just plants, there’s no pressure. If your plant dies, you learn from your mistakes, try again, and sometimes again and again. Be smart when you purchase your plants. What is your space for them like? What kind of light do you have? What kind of time do you have to devote to them? Find something that appeals to you and that fits your guidelines.

All plants are different. Most have a little card of information with them that will tell you exactly what they need, but I am going to share some of my go-to basics. I like little houseplants that I can baby and watch grow. I have a squirt bottle that I keep filled with distilled water to spritz my plants a couple times a week, and then I also water the roots every other week (or honestly when I remember!). Feel your soil – is it completely dry? Water your roots. Feel your leaves – are they extra crunchy? Give them a spritz. A trick that my wonderful, plant queen mother-in-law taught me, is to give them a little coffee! Every few weeks I reuse the grounds from my coffee and brew another batch of liquid energy – each plant gets a couple tablespoons or so and they seem to love it just like the rest of us. When I’m watering, I rotate plants for equal sunshine and give them a once over with some simple pruning. If your plant has a leaf that is dying it will use all of its resources to try and save it, so, pick off the dead!

Chances are at some point your plants are going to struggle. Whether it be from sun, water, or invaders – if you don’t have friends that are plant crazy like I am, use your tools; Google and Pinterest are your best friends! If this happens to you don’t give up, plants are resilient! I’ve had plants that I never thought would heal, without a leaf on them, that are now completely flourishing with just a little love and research.

All of my planters come from thrift stores, used candle jars, even pots that have had the bottom burned out of them. Lowe’s always has two clearance sections (indoor/outdoor plants) – often times you can get several plants for around $1. Also, take clippings and propagate them (use your tools). Most plants will produce roots if you place them in a glass of water in a sunny window. Don’t be afraid to try, if they die – so what?!

Obviously, I love plants. They fill our home with life and purify our air. They let me be creative. They let me try. They let me nurture. There are so many different kinds with different purposes, from fresh kitchen herbs to pathos – find out what you like, love it, and watch it grow!

A very special thanks to my soul sister, I love you and your many talents. Please come again! Give Ms. Mann some mad love and follow her on instagram… all of her post are magical and did I mention she also eats a plant based diet (often times using plants, veggies, and herbs she grows).

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