The Wildflowers of Life :: New Beginnings.

Sometimes, motivation is found in a new name. Dear Ally, the name that held my most valued thoughts was dear, to me, Alicia. However, this life is not about me. And this life is not about you. It is about the connections we make, the experiences we endure, and living our fullest life amongst the wildflowers.

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.”

The name “the Wildflowers of Life” was inspired by my child, Jaxson. To preface this inspiration, I must say, I was the girl who longed for a delivered bouquet of flowers. I don’t actually mean a glass jar, filled with water, and stems that overflow and stretch out ending with petals being delivered by a stranger from the local florist. Metaphorically, I was solely dependent on external factors, waiting for someone to deliver a slice of happiness, instead of curating my own.

Perhaps being a mom changed my perspective, but my first picked weed from him was priceless. From that day forward, we started picking flowers of every shape, size, and color. It didn’t matter if the stem was too short to touch the water in the glass pulled from the cabinets, it mattered that we were creating our own happiness. This also serves as a reminder that we too, often fall short or make mistakes in life, but it is our reaction to those moments that allow us to grow.

You don’t have to birth a child to realize that goodness is all around us. But for me, it began the foundation that I wanted to construct not only for myself, but also for Jaxson and his individual growth. We define a successful life by discovering our own happiness, showing gratitude for what we have, and most importantly, being kind to nature, humans included, no matter how short and without judgment, because God has called us to live with that very foundation of love and joy.

My hope is to inspire, to provoke thought, and to continually show kindness through experiences, celebrations, ideas, and through the gift of writing. I’ll leave you with this… feel accomplished, proud, and joyful at the action of picking your own wildflowers, and then share your experience and thoughts by inspiring someone else to pick their own wildflowers. Let’s create a supportive community one stem at a time, one happy life at a time.


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