Praying :: With the Faith of a Mustard Seed

The entire book of Matthew is how one should strive to live their life; and often times, I refer back to “the Sermon on the Mount” and all of the parables as a reflection of how I should acknowledge difficult situations in my life. It teaches us to love, inspires us to show respect to our enemies, treating them like neighbors, and to simply have faith, just to name a few.

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Hope + Plants :: Finding Your Green Thumb

Like plants, talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and though I would like to pretend I can keep plants alive, I am constantly drawn to pretty fake ones that don’t require nurturing. With that being said, I want to learn; I want to find my slightly lime green thumb to confirm, to myself, that I am capable of keeping something other than my child alive. Or chives, they lasted a month or so.

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