Dinner :: Stuffed Chicken :: Truffle Goat Cheese

Is it the “greatest of all time” sin to wear a goat shirt while preparing goat cheese stuffed chicken? Because if so, please forgive me. For some, the robust aroma and earthy tang of chËvres is overwhelming, but the creamy crumble, mixed with fresh herbs, and stuffed into a chicken breast makes my mouth water.

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Read + Drink :: The Best of Book Club

“The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.” – David Bailey


I have officially concluded my first year leading a book club and I can’t articulate the feelings that were experienced. But if I tried, it would be joy, growth, and calm {even in a room filled with loquacious ladies}. Reading is essential to a well-rounded livelihood and I say this as a person who doesn’t love to read. I am aware of the importance, therefore, it made sense to make my surroundings match my personal livelihood when it came to reading. Herein lies the reason I started a book club; read, greet, meet, drink, and be merry.

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